This is hot in me and I have words for you!

You know what? This is hot in me and I have words for you!

I was like a frickin’ bulldozer in my mid 30’s, devouring self help books off of every shelf in every book store across the state of NJ!!! I had not a clue at the time that what I was looking for was…..SURPRIZE!!……mySELF! No seriously! THAT is what we’re all looking for when we become seekers. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

Well let me tell you, IT WAS A SUPER CRAZY TIME for me too! Oh yes sister, I was “out there”! Which makes me wonder right now…are you picking out incense, reading self help books by the bucket load, buying crystals in all shapes and sizes, wearing bead bracelets, going to yoga classes, attending spiritual workshops, getting your astrology chart done, seeking out pyschics and healers, etc?

Listen girlfriend, I have done all of the above! AND I also drove myself and three other seekers, all of us dressed in white pants and shirts as directed by the staff of this particular spiritual event, for hours in a torrential thunderstorm with windshield wipers on full blast, from NJ to upstate NY to see John of God (Brazilian healer) in person!

Uhhhh! Trying to find yourself is like chasing your own tail, just when you think you’ve got it, you don’t. Ha, ha, what a cosmic joke!

But here’s the thing. YOU’VE GOT ME and I’ve got some answers!!

After years of being a seeker, and as if it wasn’t hard enough already, at the age of 38 I hit menopause which triggered a MASSIVE spiritual awakening in me. And that is what changed my life! I was shown the TRUE SELF, my inner world, the one I had been searching for all those years! I had finally come home to mySELF and so can you!

A few years after that earth shattering and life changing experience, and after getting new footing, I became the spiritual teacher and women’s midlife coach I am today. That awakening moment revealed to me clearly how the TRUE SELF sees itself, others, and life, which is very different from how I used to see it. And it is from that new viewpoint and higher perspective that I created and teach the New Mindset Principles of Higher Consciousness. It is simply a bridge for the mind, a way to see the old way of thinking and replace it with the Mindset of your Higher Self, your True Self.

All I can say is WoW, what a trip!

Recently I was interviewed on the Broke-ass to Badass podcast by BLEdigital titled Housewife turned Spiritual Life Coach. Listen to hear about my experience and the new perspectives that changed my life! It might just change yours too!




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    1. Thank you for your comment LC! All I ever wanted was to be who I am, my True Self, be an inspiration, and serve others so powerfully. Yes! For sure, for Humanity and the Earth!

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