The Exit Door

First I only used to think it to myself. Then I said it to one person. And now? Honestly, I can’t imagine NOT saying it to every single woman I talk to!

What is it? It’s THE EXIT DOOR.

Wouldn’t you rather LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE? So why in the name of all that is good would you choose to consciously NOT be who you truly are right here right now!? What are we all so afraid of?

I used to be like that…

I feared being myself so much it felt like something worse than DEATH itself! At least that’s what I thought. I used to have all kinds of strange and fearful thoughts, thoughts like, “would people judge me, how would I fit in to the world as myself, would anyone understand me and my point of view or would I be labeled as a weirdo, would my life change for the worse, would I lose my loved ones if I shifted all the way into my true self, and on and on it went. And this fear tormented me, until it didn’t any more. One day I had a different thought. “We are all headed toward THE EXIT DOOR anyway so what’s the point in being afraid to live fully out loud the entirety of my true Beingness?” Good point I thought !!

Some of us would rather “exit” than dare to be authentic. Or we settle for a mediocre life by supressing our Truth and then get all kinds of “sick!” Depression, anxiety, anger, lethargy, addictions, etc.  What’s up with that?!!!

It is the most freeing feeling in the world being who you are in every moment no matter who approves or who does or does not agree. All that matters is BEING WHO YOU ARE AUTHENTICALLY!

The true question my friend is what do you GAIN by Being your SELF?

And I will GLADLY TELL YOU what that is for me!

It is being happy instead of depressed and sad, being full of life instead of depleted no matter how hard I “tried”, seeing meaning where before there was none, realizing HOW MUCH MORE THERE WAS OF ME instead of feeling what’s the use, it’s about aligning my inner with my outer purpose, it’s about confidence instead of self doubt, it’s about clear-mindedness instead of being wishy-washy, it’s about feeling Peace and being confortable in my own skin instead of feeling anxious and uncomfortable, it’s about feeling youthful, energetic, and being fully ALIVE!

I hope the next time you feel strange about being your Authentic Self or are afraid to be who you Truly ARE, that you remember THE EXIT DOOR, that we’re all going to go through it some day, so why not be all that you can be right here right now! BE YOU! BE FREE NOW!

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