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HI ! I'm COACH OM, Spiritual Guide & Women's Midlife Coach.

I help women in midlife connect to their Higher Self and become the Wise Woman, so they can find their greater Purpose and service in the World while living life with ease and joy.


If you’re a woman in midlife living in today’s New World with an old mind and an outdated version of yourself, you will not survive. You will suffer! But it doesn't have to be this way! 

Gone are the days where as women we were told that when we hit midlife it was normal to gain weight, be tired, forget things, look older, slow down, get sick, and lose interest in life. As women we were often victims who couldn’t speak our truth, we judged ourselves and others, we thought ourselves not worthy, we had unhealthy attachments, no healthy boundaries, we thought love was conditional, and we believed we didn’t have the power, the right, or choice to change much, especially to change our own lives.  

  • Are you a woman in midlife who seems to have everything but still feels like something is missing?
  • Are you drained and tired? Does your life feel like a mess?
  • Do you ask “Is this all there is?”
  • Are you yearning for "something more"?

That "more" is your Higher Self.                                                                                                                                                           SHE IS THE UPGRADED VERSION OF YOU wanting to come to the foreground and midlife is the perfect opportunity for just that, by dropping old mind patterns, outdated beliefs and self inflicted limits, shedding all that heaviness and embodying something brand new! The New You.                                                                                                                     I'd like you to meet your HIGHER SELF, THE WISE WOMAN!


Here's how to upgrade!


Below are just some of the benefits of learning and living The Lessons of Higher Self - The Upgrade 

You feel free.

You feel more alive than ever before.

You have tons of energy.

You look and feel years younger.

You are at Peace with yourself, others, and Life.

There is great Joy in every day.

You are clear-minded.

You are confident.

You have Wisdom.

You experience heightened intuition.

You are connected to your Heart.

You have inner and outer alignment. As within, so without.

You are rooted in Being.

Everything seems easy.

You know your True Self.

You realize how much more there is to You.

You have a higher perspective.

Life makes sense.

Life has meaning and purpose.


Midlife is a Beautiful Thing!

It is my mission and passion to guide women in midlife to become


Here's how we can work together:

➢ UPGRADE 1.0 - 1 Hour

Are you having a bad day? Have you fallen out of Higher Self? It's ok, I can help you with that! Reconnect to your Higher Self in this powerful 1 hour Conversation.


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➢ UPGRADE 2.0 - The 12 Lessons

Learn how to express your Higher Self in everyday life with my personal guidance, my signature 12 Lessons, through 12 powerful Conversations in 12 weeks. Become the Wise Woman!


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➢ UPGRADE 3.0 - 6 month Immersion

This is a highly personal and closely interactive six month Coaching and Spiritual Guidance with me. It is only for those who are completely dedicated, devoted and invested to Embody the Wise Woman.
Here you have me at your fingertips, by text, phone, Zoom or Skype and in person (on Oahu, Hawaii), guiding you in Higher Self as you navigate through your real life everyday experiences.
I guide you and coach you how to eat, sleep, walk, talk Higher Self, shift your mindset and turn your midlife mess into the Wise Woman that you are!


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➢ Personal Energy Translator

Interpreting your psychic energy and translating your creative endeavor into 3D. Here we get to play in Higher Self using imagination, possibilities and your unique energy signature to co-create what wants to emerge in the physical world. Vertical creations for horizontal living.

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➢ All In!

Companionship and guidance for a year to delve all the way into the The Lessons of Higher Self. We will go into your everyday life where you get to transform ordinary human awareness, replace old unhealthy mind structures, outdated patterns, beliefs, values and limits that no longer serve you with New Mindset Principles that are aligned with your Higher Self. You will see your life from a higher perspective, feel clear minded, connect with your heart, feel at ease and at peace with yourself and others, wake up your intuition and inner guidance, receive wisdom, insights, be energized and so much more. Being the Wise Woman.

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If you’re ready to transform into the Wise Woman, to live from a higher perspective, reveal and step into your own greatness, have insights, wisdom and inner power, be lighter, love deeper and experience clarity and freedom like never before, book a discovery session with me today!