Beyond fear is a land where dreams come true!

I have proven to myself recently not once but twice that even though there is fear, doing it anyway always creates my wildest dreams come true! And I just LOVE THAT!! It makes me want to do more and more and more!!! Living your dreams is so exciting and invigorating. I had to share…

I had been wanting to get my word out more and decided to say “yes” to being interviewed on various podcasts. So last month I was a guest on Laura Christine’s Light of Conscience podcast and we had the most amazing, uplifting beautiful conversation. My podcast interview is titled “After Enlightenment”.

I had been feeling a bit nervous about speaking and answering various questions about my journey, my life and the work I now do in the world. After all, public speaking doesn’t come naturally to me as it probably doesn’t to many of you. Yes I’m a speaker and yes I get nervous. That being said, speaking about Authenticity and connecting to the True-Higher Self in midlife is so much stronger than the fear that the fear gets completely overshadowed by the inspired words coming from my heart.

So last week LC text’s me and says “Guess what!? Your interview is the most listened to podcast BY DOUBLE!” I almost rocketed straight through the ozone layer! OMG! Who knew? Who knew that feeling afraid and doing it anyway can make big magic? Honestly…I did, I knew. I know that overcoming fear creates dreams come true because I’ve done it over and over again. And it always creates this, this better than I could have even imagined scenario. I am always amazed at how powerful we really are.

A second dream come true…

My most recent wish was to reach a greater audience. I had already heard about Happiness U, how it was a place to come and learn what they don’t teach in school. And that got my attention big time because I used to say all the time before, during and after my spiritual awakening, “I wish this is what they taught in school! Higher Consciousness, authenticity, how to stay connected to inner guidance and so much more.” I thought OMG it would be awesome to teach at that school. ¬†Again there was that nervousness and what felt like fear, only more or less it’s in the background these days. You know once you get used to this weird background unease and you recognize it as that small frightened part of you, you just give it some love, tell it it’s ok, you say you got this covered, and that it can relax, chill and simply watch the magic unfold. Try it! You will feel nurtured and liberated at the same time, its great! Love those frightened parts of you, bring them closer, give them a hug, be friends.

So I took inspired action! I reached out, wrote an email presenting my heart and soul topic and asked if there was a way of working with Happiness U in some capacity. And the answer was YES!!

I am so proud to announce that on Friday, October 19, 2018 from 7:30-8:30pm I will be giving a Free Talk at Happiness U! My wish to reach a greater audience…another dream come true.

You can register for the talk by emailing and say you will attend the talk titled A MILLION DOLLAR MIDLIFE with Caoch OM, Olivera Milojkovic. Please share this information with everyone you feel would benefit. And thank YOU for contributing to the Higher collective!

Keep going my friends. Be inspired and guided by your big heart and greater purpose in this world. Go courageously beyond the fear to a land where dreams really do come true!

I love you so much!


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