Midlife, Authenticity and Fear oh my!

Yes, it’s true! Finding your Truth is scary. Why? Because it involves change. And by change I mean like put your big girl pants on change!

Right now if you’re in midlife and you’re living by other peoples definition of life or if you’ve built your existence on any kind of false premise of who you really are, be ready for the walls to come tumbling down girlfriend! Finding your Truth, your Authentic Self, and making a conscious decision to be that person everyday in every way with everyone from now on is a very powerful thing. But that power will also shatter into teency weency pieces anything that ISN’T You. And by the way, that’s a good thing. After all, we’re going for inner power here, right?! It’s what your Soul is yearning for! And, do I need to remind anyone of how many eons we’ve been living a conditioned life….look where that has gotten us….around and around again and again….hello? karma! No thank you!

You cannot be Real and False at the same time. Simply put, Authenticity aligns with that which is beyond the personality, it aligns with Intuition, Inner power, Faith, Deep Trust, Wisdom, Knowing, Presence and Being-ness. The False self aligns with exterior conditions, outer conditioning, beliefs, stories we tell ourselves and believe even when they no longer serve us, and being in past and future. So you see you can’t sit on both chairs at the same time. Authenticity cruises at one altitude while False self rides on another. They are not on the same frequency and they will give you two completely different life experiences.

When do you say, “enough is enough!” When do you choose Truth?

What if you chose to live authentically right NOW? No more masks. No more putting up appearances. No more pleasing others or society or conforming to outer conditioning. What if I told you that the hardest thing in life is in fact being who you are not, is being that false self. And what if I told you that the fear you are feeling around the change that comes with aligning with your Authenticity changes to excitement! This is also true! Fear turns into excitement! It’s pure alchemy. This is the kind of thing that happens when we take one step closer to our Truth, when we take a leap of Faith. We are embraced with such beauty and love and kindness that you’ll think, “what was I ever even afraid of?”

Know that Midlife is perfect fertile ground for growing into your Higher Self, for being excited about who you truly are and who you are meant to be in the world. Take the opportunity NOW. You got this girlfriend!! AND you have me by your side.

I Love you SO much!

Olivera, aka Coach OM.




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