It is my mission and passion to guide women in midlife to become

The Wise Woman!

Here's how we can work together:


1 Hour

Are you having a bad day? Have you fallen out of Higher Self? It's ok, I can help you with that! Reconnect to your Higher Self in this powerful 1 hour Conversation. Feel the upgrade!!

Join me in my HI Midlife Café on Facebook for daily inspiration from myself and a community of awakened midlife goddesses!


The 12 Lessons

Learn how to express your Higher Self in everyday life with my personal guidance, my signature 12 lessons, through 12 powerful Conversations in 12 weeks. Become the Wise Woman. Stay upgraded!!

Just as the most successful life coaches have powerful mentor coaches themselves to keep them in peak performance and reveal any blind spots, so do healers, mediums, and channelers have powerful Spiritual Teachers for the same reasons.


6 month Immersion

A highly interactive 6 month immersion during which I guide you how to eat, sleep, walk, talk Higher Self and shift your mindset to live the wiser You! Embody the Wise Woman.   Live upgraded!!

In this intensive 1-day class, get ready to learn my signature 48 New Mindset Principles in 12 lessons all in just one day. The Teachings will give you a Higher perspective enabling you to make decisions aligned with your Higher Self.

Personal Energy Translator

Interpreting your psychic energy and translating your creative endeavor into 3D. Vertical creations for horizontal living.

This one of a kind teaching-coaching relationship is for someone who wants companionship and guidance over a longer period of time to delve even deeper into the teachings of the New Mindset Principles for Higher Consciousness.

All In!

Companionship and guidance for a year to delve all the way into The Lessons of Higher Self. Being the Wise Woman.

In this uniquely powerful and personal teaching-coaching we go live into your everyday life where you get to transform ordinary human awareness, replace old unhealthy mind structures, outdated patterns, beliefs, values and limits that no longer serve you with New Mindset Principles that are aligned with your Higher Self.

Let's Talk!

If you’re ready to transform into the Wise Woman, to live from a higher perspective, reveal and step into your own greatness, have insights, wisdom and inner power, be lighter, love deeper and experience clarity and freedom like never before, book a discovery session with me today!